Our commitment to the Environment

We recognize that the environment is a key resource, both for the success of our company and for society as a whole. We must therefore commit ourselves to protect both natural resources and biodiversity.

We strive to conduct our activities in an environmentally responsible manner, directing our efforts to comply with applicable laws as well as with other standards endorsed by the organization. We are also committed to continually improving our corporate environmental performance, analyzing risks and opportunities in the decision making and business planning process.

Accordingly, we promote the use of technologies and production processes favouring eco-efficiency and oriented towards sustainable development. Nevertheless, we are fully aware that environmental performance is a huge challenge and that there still is a lot to be done. It is a journey where we will always find room for improvement, no matter how many certifications we may obtain. In this field there is no point of arrival, nor a finish line, since we will always find opportunities to minimize our environmental footprint even more, becoming progressively more efficient and responsible.

Under the "Environmental Values" pillar, we deal with our own direct impact on the environment. However, we realize that our responsibility extends beyond our own organization and we are active in promoting sustainable practices throughout our value chain.

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