Commitment to our Supply Chain

Our commitment to sustainable development extends to our broad and diverse network of Business Partners. We seek to establish relations with our suppliers, service providers, customers and consumers, as a further effort to obtain a high level of integrity and socially and environmentally responsible behaviour.

We are convinced that we can make a positive difference in this regard if we work together, share best practices and take on new challenges. Nevertheless, we know that this joint cooperation within our value chain is one of our major challenges and one of the most complex issues in working towards sustainable development. We are aware that there is a lot of work to be done, but there is a strong commitment to cooperate with all parties concerned in the same direction.

Ipswich Grain Terminal Standards for Business Partners

At Ipswich Grain Terminal, our commitment to sustainable development extends to our broad and diverse network of Business Partners (suppliers, distributors, service providers, contractors and subcontractors of goods and services).

Following our Social Responsibility Policy, we have assumed the commitment to "encourage compliance with the law throughout our supply chain and promote the adoption of environmental and social principles and respect for human rights".

We realize that no company or organization can meet the challenge of sustainable development alone. Therefore, we have developed the "Ipswich Grain Terminal Standards for Business Partners" to involve and engage our value chain in this complex and ambitious challenge.

This document is based on our Corporate Values and Business Principles and contains general requirements for all our Business Partners regarding:

  • Ethical behaviour and Compliance
  • Human and Labour Rights
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Reporting misconduct

We expect all our business partners to adhere to these Standards and adopt corresponding practices. These Standards are applicable to all contracts, purchase orders and other commercial dealings unless specifically stated otherwise in particular contracts.

Our network of Business Partners is diverse, extensive and (world)wide. The commitment and active involvement in the adoption of the Standards is therefore an ongoing process. If you are one of our Business Partners, you will be contacted on this matter.

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