Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Ipswich Grain Terminal, social and environmental responsibility is part of everything we do. We are convinced that our success depends on a strong economic, social and environmental performance, with this triple value creation being key to long term profitability.

As a Company, we have a great number of diverse stakeholders. We believe that this diversity should be rooted in our approach to CSR and our commitment to sustainability.

Accordingly, we developed a framework, which represents our CSR approach and includes our Social Responsibility Policy. This framework is built upon five pillars that group stakeholders and our commitments to them. It based upon our long-standing values which we embrace in our daily work. They reflect who we are, what we do, what we expect of ourselves and each other.

Corporate Governance Commitment Shareholders, Supervisory Board, Management Board, Governments, Banks and Civil Society Organizations.
Commitment to our people Employees Trade Unions.
Commitment to our Supply Chain Suppliers, Clients, Distributors, Consumers, Sectorial Chambers.
Our commitment to the environment Operational Business Units, Certification Bodies, Neighbouring Communities of our locations and Civil Society Organizations.
Our commitment to the local community Neighbouring Communities of our locations and Civil Society Organizations.

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